Full Body Heated™ Technology

Our patented Full Body Heated™ technology heats the whole upper body of the jacket, and even has a built-in sweat glove to heat the hands! Other heated jackets only heat specific areas (such as the upper chest area and/or a portion of the back), which limits their warmth when you really need it. Think of the Oymya Full Body Heated™ Jacket as a heated blanket you can wear anywhere, anytime to keep you toasty!

Built-in Hand Warmer

Keep your hands warm with the built-in heated gloves! Never have your hands freeze in the winter again!

Versatile Design

Wear the Oymya Full Body Heated™ Jacket on its own, or wear it under your favorite jacket! Either way, you will enjoy the heat functionality of the jacket and stay warm whatever the outside weather.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Full Body Heated™ technology?
Full Body Heated™ is a patented technology that allows the whole upper body of the jacket to heat up. This means Oymya Full Body Heated™ Jackets are not limited to only heating the chest area, like most other heated jackets on the market. Rather, the whole upper body of the jacket heats to provide you with the warmth you need to get through the harshest winters. With Oymya Full Body Heated™ Jackets, you are essentially wearing a heated blanket that will keep you warm anytime and anywhere.

Is this an electric powered jacket?
Yes, we also offer our recommended battery that goes with the jacket. You can purchase the battery at checkout!

How long will the recommended battery last?
Depending on the heat setting you use, the recommended battery should last 6-8 hours on a full charge.

Is the jacket waterproof?
Yes, all the electronics in the jacket are 100% waterproof.

Can I wash the jacket in a machine?
Yes. Since the jacket is waterproof, it is also 100% machine washable. However, the jacket cannot be run through a dryer.

How heavy is the recommended battery?
The battery is only 500 grams. This is approximately equivalent to only 4 iPhones. With the smart design of the jacket, the battery goes in the back meaning you never feel the weight of the battery!

Can I control the heat settings?
Yes, you can change the heat settings with the press of a single button.

What if I do not like the design of the jacket?
The Oymya Full Body Heated™ Jacket is designed to be worn alone, but it can also be worn as a base layer under your favourite jacket. Turn your favourite jacket in a heated jacket with Oymya!

Does the jacket come with heated gloves?
Yes. The gloves are designed to be sweat gloves. You can heat up your hands with Oymya or you can also wear your favourite glove on top and take advantage of the heating functionality.

Do the pockets heat up?
The pockets themselves do not heat up. However, with the Full Body Heated™ design, the pockets will be warm enough to keep your fingers from freezing up!

Where do you ship?
We currently ship all over the world.

Product Information

Jacket Colours

Grey and Black

Jacket Sizes

Male Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL
Female Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL

Jacket Fabric

Outer Fabric: Fleece
Inner Fabric: Polyester

Jacket Heating Areas

Whole jacket, except sleeves

Jacket Optimal Temperature Range

10°C to -30°C
50°F to -22°F

Jacket Optimal Operating Weather

All seasons (Rain or Snow)
All weathers (Spring or Winter)

Jacket Fabric Cut

Slim cut

Recommended Battery Specifications

Capacity: 16,000 mAh
Voltage: 19V
Current: 4A

Motorcycle Compatability

Compatible with motorcycles, plugs right into the cigarette port

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